Cylinder Regulator - Single Stage & Double Stage (SS - Scientific Grade)

high-purity 316 stainless steel regulators for supply of carrier gas for a variety of gas chromatography applications. Supply of calibration standards to on-line process spectrometer/analyzers systems.


High-purity 316 stainless steel bar stock body & Stock bonnet. 2” inlet & delivery pressure gauges. Equipped with outlet diaphragm valve , Lock Nut ABS Plastic Knob, SS Safety Valve & compression tube outlet connection.


Baumer Gauges: stainless steel - IS 3624-1987. Body: 316 stainless steel bar stock body. Bonnet : 316 stainless steel bar stock bonnet. Diaphragms: 316 stainless steel. Seats:

1st Stage – SS with Teflon Washer 2nd Stage –SS with Teflon Washer Seat Return Spring: Stainless steel. Adjusting Knob: ABS plastic. Seals: Metal to metal.