Single Stage Flow meter Regulators

Flowmeter Regulators are designed for MIG &TIG applications to provide accurate regulation of gas flow. They are also ideal for commercial, industrial and laboratorial applications.


  • Combination of regulator and flowmeter as one compact unit
  • Regulator is preset at 50PSIG
  • Piston-type construction
  • Body machined from class “A” brass
  • Internal pressure relief valve
  • Polycarbonate flow tube and hood are impact resistant for maximum durability and service life
  • Calibrated for argon, CO2, helium, nitrogen, air, and 75% argon / 25% CO2 mixed gases
  • Backpressure compensated to ensure accurate readings when line restrictions are present
  • Sintered bronze inlet filter
  • Comes with 5/8”-18RH Female fitting (with the attached Adaptor) and 9/16”-18RH
  • Weight: 1 lbs 10 oz
  • Conforms to CGA E-4 Standard for Gas Pressure Regulators