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Chemical Name


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Dangerous When Wet, Flammable Liquid, Corrosive

Hazard Class

4.3 (3) (8)

General Description

Colorless, corrosive, flammable liquid with an irritating, choking odor.

Supply Mode

Trichlorosilane is a flammable, corrosive liquid and vapor. Under ambient conditions, this is a colorless liquid with an irritating, choking odor. Trichlorosilane will react violently with water and form explosive mixtures in air. Contact with water or moist air liberates irritating gas. Inhalation of low vapor concentrations will irritate the nose, throat, and chest, causing discomfort or pain with coughing, excess sputum, runny nose and difficulty with breathing. Inhalation of Trichlorosilane at higher concentrations may result in injury to the nasal passages, larynx and lungs. Brief contact with the skin will cause itching or discomfort while sustained contact will result in pain, redness, swelling, ulceration and possible bleeding. Trichlorosilane is highly to severely toxic and may cause severe burns of the mouth, throat, esophagus, and stomach. Repeated or chronic overexposure may discolor or erode the teeth, cause the nose and gums to bleed, and ulcerate the nasal mucosa.

Product Quality Information

Product Grade



3.5 Semiconductor Process Gas

99.95 %
Boron < 0.1 ppb/a
Carbon < 5 ppb/a
Donor (AS + P) < 0.8 ppb/a
Iron < 50 ppb/a
Other Chlorosilanes <500 ppm/w
Resistivity ≥ 300 Ohm-cm

550 LB
275 lb
90 lb

3.0 Semiconductor Process Gas

99.9 %
Boron < 0.1 ppb/a
Carbon < 50 ppm/a
Donor (AS + P) < 1 ppb/a
Other Chlorosilanes < 1,000 ppm/w
Resistivity > 300 Ohm-cm

550 LB
275 lb
90 lb

Other Chlorosilanes are analyzed from the liquid phase and are to be reported as < 1,000 ppm/w.