Cylinder manifolds are an important element of gas management in any type of Application. They ensure the supply with gases and control the gas Pressure. The core of the system is the Cylinder manifolds are an important element of gas management.


Cylinder manifolds

The Gas Control Panel from ESSENCE is a complete facility system with solutions for various Gases, flow rates, control and alarm functions and equipment.

‒ Suitable gases: O2, N2,CO2, Air, N2, Xe, He and Ar

‒ Flow rates of 35, 80 order 120 m³/h

‒ GCP Basic with pressure gauge monitoring

‒ GCP Control with electronic control unit

‒ Integrated Alarm Management

‒ Interface to external alarm systems (e.g. BMS)

‒ In accordance with ISO Standard

‒ Upgradable platform concept


The Gas Control Panel platform concept enables adaptation to the respective gas supply requirements in any type. In addition to the three different flow performance levels with 35, 80 or 120 m³/h, the control unit and the alarm system may be customized in different variations. Upgrading from the performance level 80 to 120 m³/h or from Version GCP Basic to GCP control remains possible later on, even during active operation. All components under the removable housing are easily accessible and designed so that all necessary service activities may be performed without interrupting the gas supply.


All GCP versions are pneumatically controlled. Thus even during a possible power failure, the gas supply remains ensured. The GCS Basic is equipped for monitoring the system pressures with contact manometers and the switch-over valve position can be queried via the potential free contacts. The GCS control is equipped with an electronic control unit that monitors, analyzes and displays the active supply side, the system pressures, the current flow and even the room temperature in a lighted display and in plain text. Alarms and operation messages are indicated on the control unit according to standard ISO 7396-1 with the respective alarm priority.