Bulk Storage Tanks

Key Features of Bulk Tanks from ESSENCE

  • Ergonomic designed piping layout for ease of access, operation & maintenance
  • Austenitic stainless steel inner vessel and piping
  • Common modular configuration & footprint
  • Safer, simpler & sturdier
  • Long-lasting high-quality surface finish & paint
  • In accordance with wind & seismic requirements

Capacity: 4000~1,000,000 liters (1~265,000 gal); MAWP between 3 to 37 kg/cm2(g) (42 to 525 psig)

Type: Vertical, Horizontal, Thermo siphon

Services: LIN, LOX, LAR, LCO2, LN2O, LH2, LNG, Ethylene

Design: EN13458, ASME, AS1210

Insulation: Vacuum with Perlite Or Multi-layer super insulation